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Our Forrest Health & Wellbeing Brochure

For information about our Health & Wellbeing service, you can download our brochure here.

About Forrest Health & Wellbeing

Investing in your employee’s health and wellbeing is vital for the success of any company.  Happy employees equal productive employees.

Staff who are stressed, run down, disillusioned, and marginalised will not only exude lower morale but could also lead to higher employee turnover and recruitment costs.

Forrest Health & Wellbeing believe that employers who support their employees with their health and wellbeing, will be a crucial part to their success and have therefore introduced two bespoke programmes offering a unique service delivered by industry experts.

Employee health and wellbeing programmes were traditionally the preserve of larger companies and initially viewed as 'job perks'. 


Fortunately, developing an employee health and wellbeing strategy that encourages optimal physical and mental health is proving to be on most business owner’s radar.


This introductory programme to managing your employees Health and Wellbeing in the workplace is based on our unique 6-step approach covering interviews, engagement surveys and full recommendations...

The Champion Programme is a 12-month service which includes activities based on the health and wellbeing of your employees. The programme  covers areas such as presentations, workshops and medical tests...



If you would like further information on either programme, please do get in touch.

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