Investing in your employee’s health and wellbeing is vital for the success of any company. 

Happy employees equal productive employees. 


Staff who are stressed, run down, disillusioned and marginalised will not only exude lower morale but could also lead to higher employee turnover and recruitment costs.

ForrestHR has always provided guidance and advice to employers regarding their staff’s health and wellbeing as part of our standard outsourced HR services, but we now see this area as a crucial part to a business's success so have introduced a bespoke service offering utilising our very experienced and knowledgeable HR Consultants.

Employee health and wellbeing programmes were traditionally the preserve of larger companies and initially viewed as 'job perks'.


Fortunately, developing an employee health and wellbeing strategy that encourages optimal physical and mental health is now firmly on every business owner’s radar.

Our health and wellbeing service consists of 3 elements:

1. Review and Recommend

We will meet with the heads of the business to review what health and wellbeing initiatives you have in place already and what areas, if any, that you have considered improving.

We hold Individual meetings with your key managers, as their interpretation of what is discussed between staff could provide valuable input in areas that the executive team may not always see. They will of course also have their views as to areas for improvement for health and wellbeing initiatives.

And finally, we gather insight into the views of your staff via an employee engagement survey, focusing on health and wellbeing.

Our conclusions from the information gathered will be presented to you in our health and wellbeing findings report, bespoke for your business and highlighting areas for quick and long-term wins by implementing our recommended programme.

2. Implementation

Within the health and wellbeing Report,  we always recommend that you introduce the suggested programmes gradually.

There is no need to implement everything at once as this can overwhelm your staff with too many changes.

Subject to key findings as part of Review and Recommend, some examples of the suggested health and wellbeing initiatives could include:

  • Nutrition guidance

  • Advice on estate planning – Wills, Power of Attorney

  • Occupational physiotherapy assessments

  • Independent financial advice

  • Mental health first aid training for managers and business owners

Many other initiatives will be available.

3. Track and Measure

We obviously want to ensure that your implemented health and wellbeing programme remains effective and is utilised to its best potential so we remain fully engaged with you at all stages and, most importantly, monitor and track all initiatives on a monthly basis and provide feedback to you, where appropriate.

A fact confirmed by a report by the American Psychological Association states that if employees have access to a health and wellbeing programme, 89% of them are more likely to recommend their company as a great place to work.



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