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how we work
Colleagues Working Together

ForrestHR will support your business in the way that suits you, your style and - most importantly - the dynamics and size of your business.


We don’t require you to sign up to lengthy periods and, if we think there is a better way for us to be working with you, we will give you our honest advice and suggestions.

We have 3 main ways of working with you:

Ad Hoc HR Support
This service suits businesses with occasional HR needs, whether it’s to help with a specific staff matter like a disciplinary or performance issue or creating or updating employment documents, such as employment contracts.

Pre-Purchase of HR Time
This service suits organisations with more frequent HR needs or maybe a project that is likely to continue for a month or so. The pre-purchased time is credited to your account and available for you to use for calls, emails or meetings with us. The
minimum pre-purchase is 5 hours, and this does not expire, so whether you use it in a week or a year, it’s your time that you have pre-purchased and banked.


Monthly HR Retainer
With this service we become your “outsourced HR department”. You will have a dedicated account manager who will always be available to you, as frequently as you need them. We have a variety of different retainers to match where you are in your
business journey.


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