We understand that a business’s greatest asset is their people, and that if they are developed and invested in, they are more likely to perform to a higher level, in turn helping the business to succeed and have a direct effect on your business’s bottom line.

We recognise that not all businesses need training in all areas, so with that in mind, we have created a suite of generic business courses to help managers and staff develop and improve their performance - which now can all be delivered online. 

Our Training & Development Courses

This course will deepen the understanding of managers as to when to deal with an issue and when to pass onto HR,  covering corporate processes such as absences, disciplinary procedures, grievances and exiting employees - including when and how to implement them. 

Introduction to HR for managers

 Introduction to HR for Managers

As a company you will have disciplinary and grievance procedures and it is vital that these are followed. The implications of not following a proper laid out process, could mean that you end up with an employment tribunal claim against you.

Disciplinary & Grievance

 Disciplinary & Grievance

Managing Absence is a vital part of the performance management process. It is important that we manage the process in accordance with employment law and practice and understand the implications of not following the right procedure. 

Managing absences

managing absences

This course aims to help delegates manage their time proactively by understanding their personal work style, and learning techniques to plan and prioritise their work.

Managing activities

managing activities

To deepen the awareness of the group to the importance of communication within the workplace, the service industry and also in every day life.



The concept of performance management has been one of the most important and positive developments in ‘managing people’. We look at how we can manage people and their performance in order to build an organisation that people want to belong to and deliver quality customer service.

introduction to management

introduction to management

By understanding what motivates and de-motivates us we can actively encourage performance in others.

motivation skills



More and more these days, our job roles require that we do some form or presentation. This might be in a monthly meeting to a small group of people or it may be on a far larger scale. This course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to prepare and present professionally.


presentation skills

Organisations are always looking for different ways to develop their people and their skills. Mentoring is becoming a more widely used method and this workshop focuses on the skills and approaches needed to be an effective mentor.

mentoring skills



As an employer you have a commitment to ensure that your employees are competent – and today’s competitive environment demands that we attract, recruit and retain the best people. But how do we know we have the best person for the job?

recruiting the right people

recruiting the right people

This course can help you better understand the benefits of resilience in your daily
life and how to build upon your resilience reserves to face the
challenges life throws at you.

building resilience

building resilience

This course aims to provide managers with the skills and knowledge to identify
bullying and harassment in the workplace and how they should deal with this.

bullying and harassment

bullying and harassment

This course's objective is to deepen the understanding of managers as to when to deal with an issue and when to pass onto HR.

unconscious bias



This course aims to enable employees at all levels to gain an understanding of Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace and the impact this has.

diversity and inclusion

diversity and inclusion

Working closely with you, we can bespoke these courses in line with your internal policies and procedures.

We can also provide tailor-made courses to meet your needs, so if you do not see the course you require above, please contact us to discuss this further and see where we can help.


All courses can be delivered on site or at an alternative venue - and now ONLINE via Zoom.




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If you would like further information on any of our courses or you would like to make a booking, please do get in touch.

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